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  • CORE 45

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Training your entire body to move seamlessly, CORE 45 provides the vital ingredient for a strong and resilient body. A strong core makes you better at everything else you do, from carrying the shopping in from the car to playing your favourite sport. Your core is the glue that holds everything together.

The movements you perform in CORE 45 include progressive options so it's challenging but suitable for all fitness levels. Your teacher will guide you through a sequence of cutting edge movements designed to teach your body to generate and resist force. You'll use resistance training equipment and innovative core training tools to reprogram your posture and your movement.

You won't perform crunches and sit-ups in CORE 45. Instead, you'll perform bull body movements that reeducate your muscles, increase joint stability and enhance your bodies movement patterns. Core training is about far more than abdominals, it's about teaching the entire body to work together as one cohesive unit. Book your class online with our Online Booking Calendar

Why Choose CORE 45?

A science-based approach to training the entire core

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer care.

Science-based Approach

Your class is built around key principles of biomechanics, the science behind how we move.

Small Classes

We limit our class participants to ensure you receive the personal attention and support you need.


Our commitment to ongoing education puts us at the forefront of movement and performance science.

Injury Prevention

Created alongside Physiotherapy best practices to ensure you stay free from injury.

Does It All

This class makes you better at everything else you do, from playing sport to chasing after the kids.

Your Teacher

A talented teacher with an eye for detail

Cosette Jackson


Your class teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every class

Experience core training like never before

Your teacher ensures you perform every movement in the safest and most effective way possible

The Benefits

Created by physiotherapists, athletics coaches and dedicated movement practitioners. Tap the features below to learn more

Injury Prevention




Muscle Tone


The Equipment You'll Use

Learn to use accessible fitness equipment in the most effective way possible







Your Class Details

The class that makes you better at everything else you do

6 Attendees

Mixed Ability Level


45 Minutes

Rated 5 Star on Google

A few words from our class attendees

Ben Matthers

Oracle Venue - Buckinghamshire

Sarah Bradshaw

Health Matters - Buckinghamshire

Reece Lewin

Happy Hands - Oxfordshire

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