• Circuit 45
  • CIRCUIT 45

Lose Weight, Build Strength, Enhance Your Fitness

CIRCUIT 45 is a weight loss and fitness class. You'll experience an innovative full body workout guaranteed to see you burning calories long after you've left the studio. Whether this is your first time trying a fitness class or you've experienced many before, our science-based approach to exercise will guarantee improvements in the way you look, move and feel.

Learn how to exercise safely using key pieces of fitness equipment such as ergo dumbbells, shock-reduced kettlebells and unique resistance training tools. Positioned comfortably at your exercise station, you'll be guided through 6 exercise blocks lasting 45 seconds. Each exercise in your circuit is meticulously designed to enhance a specific aspect of your fitness.

CIRCUIT 45 is a low impact fitness class, this means it's specifically designed to be safe for your joints. You won't be performing endless burpees and squat jumps in this class. Instead, you'll intelligently enhance your fitness using a balanced approach to exercise that is safe and sustainable. Book your class now with our Online Booking Calendar

Why Choose CIRCUIT 45?

Improve your fitness in the safest and fastest way possible


Delivered by experienced personal trainers with a forensic eye for detail

Small Classes

Small fitness classes guarantee the highest quality of coaching, whilst keeping you safe

Movement Selection

Your class draws on a number of training disciplines including resistance training, pilates and yoga to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach

Full Body Workout

Expertly designed to challenge your entire body and improve all aspects of your fitness

Weight Loss

Experience the safest, most effective weight loss class available. Your average calorie burn is 650kcal


Your class employs the latest in movement science to guarantee the most effective training experience available

Your Teacher

Your fitness class is led by a talented personal trainer with the skills to guarantee amazing results

Cosette Jackson

Class Teacher

A personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience

Experience the ultimate full body workout

A meticulously designed fitness class delivered in a private studio

The Benefits

Learn how to exercise safely in a positive and friendly environment. Tap each feature below to learn more

Weight Loss






The Equipment You'll Use

Learn to use accessible fitness equipment in the most effective way possible







Your Class Details

A fitness class designed for all ages and abilities

6 Attendees

All Ability Levels


45 minutes

Rated 5 Star on Google

What our class attendees have to say

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Our fitness classes are intelligently designed for everybody, there's no “one-size-fits-all” approach here

Circuit 45 is a fitness class with a circuit structure: you'll alternate between exercise stations in a circuit fashion, guided by your expert personal trainer.

You'll use well known exercise equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, but you'll also get a chance to use some of the equipment you'll find in performance gyms, such as the rowing erg and the elite cable system.

You'll experience a full body workout, intelligently designed to enhance your fitness whilst keeping you safe from injury.

Our classes are delivered in a safe and methodical manor, drawing on a number of exercise teachings and disciplines.

You'll be greeted by your class teacher as you enter the studio, they'll explain everything you need to know about our facilities and the class itself. You will then be guided through a meticulously designed warm-up.

From here, you'll move on to the main body of your workout - the circuit. You'll perform a multitude of exercises for a specific amount of time. This is not your typical fitness class though, you'll learn proper exercise technique and also learn how to use equipment in the most effective way possible.

We have everything you'll need for the ultimate fitness experience. All you need to bring with you is a water bottle.

We wanted to keep the fitness studio fresh and airy, so we didn't include dedicated shower or changing facilities. Please arrive in your fitness attire, ready for your class. (We do have a spacious toilet that can act as a changing room should you need it.)

We have everything you'll need for the ultimate class experience, including fresh cotton towels and cold water on tap to keep you refreshed throughout your time in the studio.

We encourage our class attendees to wear their usual workout attire such as shorts/leggings and a sports top. You'll need to be able to move freely so please ensure your clothing is not restrictive.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, so wear what you feel comfortable in!

CIRCUIT 45 is safe for those with existing aches and pains. We understand the effect various lifestyles and sports can have on your body and your class teacher will work with you to minimize their impact during your class.

Many of our clients come to us with niggling aches and pains, the good news is they usually disappear as you begin training. Improvements we make to your posture and movement capacity will ensure they never return.

We like our class teachers to be able to focus on delivering exceptional fitness experiences, so we don't accept payments inside the studio. We kindly ask you to book and pay for your class spot before you arrive using our Online Booking Calendar

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