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Welcome to the Thame Fitness Class Collection. Our intelligently designed fitness classes are created for complete beginners through to recreational athletes. At Thame Fitness we specialise in bridging the gap between personal training and group fitness. Our smaller classes marry the detailed, personalised approach of personal training with the inspiring atmosphere of an exciting fitness class.

Exercise can be daunting so, we've removed the stress. We've created a selection of smaller fitness classes, accessible to no more than 6-10 people at any given time. These mini classes ensure you feel comfortable training and guarantee you receive personalised coaching.

Our classes are led by experienced personal trainers with advanced coaching skills. Safety is our highest priory so, every exercise, movement and repetition you perform will be tailored to your current ability. We take no risks, we select the exercises we use meticulously and coach you consistently to ensure you perform every movement in the safest, most effective way possible.

The Class Collection

Our classes offer something more than your typical High Street fitness class. Our classes are intelligently designed to improve the way you move and protect you from injury. Whilst many fitness classes are unsustainable and cause injury, the Thame Fitness classes enhance and protect your body

Our Classes are Special

Smaller fitness classes ensure you feel comfortable exercising and guarantee you recieve personal support

Personal Trainers

Our popular fitness classes are delivered by experienced and highly educated personal trainers. You'll receive high level coaching from professionals that care about your success

Small Classes

Smaller fitness classes mean no crowds and more support from your teachers. Many of our classes have only 6 spaces available


Our classes are designed by athletics coaches, physiotherapists and movement practitioners. We take no risks and design every class meticulously


You'll benefit from state-of-the-art fitness equipment including the Concept 2 Rowing Erg, Ski erg, TRX Suspension Trainer, Watson Cable Column, dumbbells and kettlebells

Functional Exercise

Our classes aren't designed to make you tired for the sake of it. We'll enhance the way you move, improve your posture and help you find new athleticism

Exercise Technique

We'll teach you how to exercise safely, how to perform common exercises with the best technique and how to get the most out of popular fitness equipment

  • "Finally, a class that doesn't cause injuries! Since starting with Thame Fitness I am injury free for the first time in years!"

    Sophie, Oxfordshire

  • "Other classes feel like you need to be very fit to begin. It's different here, the classes are smarter and everything is tailored to you!"

    Mark, Oxfordshire

  • "I love how small the classes are and feel very lucky to be getting coached by a personal trainer for this price!"

    Louisa, Buckinghamshire

  • "My Osteopath says this is the best thing i've ever done!"

    Scott, Oxfordshire

  • Love love love it! Anyone else tired of being told to jump up and down endlessly? Just try this and see how different it is!

    Michael, Oxfordshire

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