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In todays post we discuss an advanced training technique designed to fix your knee pain for good: Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT). Have you ever strapped a mini resistance band around your knees when squatting or performing a glute bridge? If yes, you’re utilising RNT – great work! At Thame Fitness, we use RNT to improve our clients movement quality and exercise technique. RNT benefits subconscious, flawed movements by employing instinct: it forces your body to resist and react to, an applied force.


The Benefits of RNT Include:

  • Improved joint stability
  • Enhanced coordination and balance
  • Increased strength
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Successful post-injury return to sport
  • Reduced risk of injuries


Neuromuscular Timing

Groups (chains) of muscles work together to help you perform complex exercises such as lunges and squats. When you lunge, lots of different muscles switch on at different times, in order to help you perform the movement correctly. This is called neuromuscular timing.


Muscles do not always switch on when they should, however, they become lazy and this leads to poor movement quality. RNT works by aiding muscle timing, it forces these lazy muscles to switch on at the start of an exercise and ensures they remain on throughout the entire movement.


Could you benefit from RNT?

Perform a forward lunge in front of a mirror and watch what happens to your knees as you move. Do they collapse inward? If yes, you’re experiencing a valgus collapse and it can lead to injury over time. A valgus collapse happens when the muscles in your hips, the glutes, become lazy and forget to pull your knee outward slightly. Simply lunging more will not fix the problem, the problem is a muscle timing issue. We sit on our glutes all day long and they forget to wake up and do their job when we exercise.


Valgus Knee Collapse 

knee valgus


How it works

We fix this valgus collapse at the Thame Fitness studio by having you perform a lunge whilst we apply force to your knees. We pull your knees inward with a resistance band to exaggerate the problem further. As you perform the movement your subconscious tells your glute muscles to fight (react) against the resistance band and drive your knees outward against it. This new stimulus teaches your glute muscles to switch on as soon as you begin your lunge movement and ensures they carry on working until you have completed the movement.


Give it a go

Place a resistance band 1cm above your knee and attach it to anchor point beside you and on the opposite side of your body (have a friend hold the band if you don’t have an anchor point). Perform your lunge movement for 10 reps, all the while ensuring your knee does not collapse inward toward the band. Now remove the band and perform the set of lunges again. You’ll notice your body instinctively corrects the valgus collapse. Congratulations, you’ve learnt an advanced training technique and levelled up your athleticism.


RNT exercise for knee pain

fix knee pain

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