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A Gift You Know They'll Love

Treat your loved ones to the gift of health and happiness with one of our elegantly presented personal training gift cards.

Each one of our gift cards entitles the recipient to a collection of 60 minute personal training sessions as well as a number of other complementary fitness services. Personal training sessions take place at our exclusive fitness studio in Thame.

We'll deliver your gift cards to the address of your choosing - neatly packaged and ready for you to present to that special someone. We provide individual gift cards designed to give the recipient a "fitness taster", as well as larger packages containing many personal training sessions.
Please visit our Personal Training page for more information on our approach to fitness.

Our gift cards are individually packaged and beautifully presented

Take the hassle out of gift giving with one of these beauties!

You can be sure your recipient will love their gift

What Do I Get?

The recipient of your gift card will be well looked after, from the moment they receive their gift. Your gift card/s will be delivered to the address of your choosing, elegantly presented in a beautiful pocket-fold envelope - ready for you to gift.

Initial Consultation

Our gift cards include an initial consultation which will allow the recipient to address any concerns they may have, as well as discuss their goals for the session.

Fitness Assessment

Gift cards include a thorough fitness assessment to ensure every personal training session gifted is a safe and effective one.

Fitness Support Services

Our gift card packages include a number of complimentary fitness services including a nutrition support guide and mobile exercise plans.

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