We're breaking the mould and revolutionising online fitness coaching. Experience the ultimate online personal training solution delivered direct to the Thame Fitness app.


We keep things fresh with brand new workouts, recipes and loads more delivered to the app every month.


Our talented team of personal trainers guide every step of your experience, making your journey the best it can be.


Track your progress with in-depth metrics and hit new personal bests every week.

Support, motivation and guidance

Going it alone rarely works. You need an experienced professional in your corner and a clear, concise plan of action.

Your personal trainer will support you through every step of your fitness journey. They'll pick you up when your motivation starts to waiver guarantee you see continued progress.

Your online personal training service is a highly-structured, guided experience. The digital Thame Fitness scheduler means you know exactly what to do and when to do it. Login each morning to view your workouts, recipes, lessons and lots more.
Regular progress reviews display real, tangible results for you to see. You'll receive weekly check ins from your trainer and targeted action plans that guarantee you know exactly what to do to reach your goals. Together, you and your trainer will be unstoppable.
Experience unwavering motivation with your personal trainer by your side. Your trainer will be there to celebrate your wins and to support you when times get tough. We'll keep you moving forward, no matter what.

Tailored training experience

Generic online workout fads lead to injury and stagnation. You need a personalised training approach that's right for your body and goals.

At Thame Fitness we are not content with providing a quick-fix solution, rather a made-to-measure personal training programme that elicits long-term, sustainable results. We create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals.

Choose from brand new workouts every month and perform them anywhere, regardless of space or equipment available. Then, watch technique tutorials to improve your performance in key exercises and maximise your workouts results.

Exercises in your workouts include HD video demos accompanied by intelligent coaching cues that improve your technique on the fly.
You'll have access to a collection of video tutorials designed to improve your performance of key exercises in your workouts. You'll learn why we've selected specific exercises for you and discover advanced coaching cues designed to enhance your movement competency.
Your specialist movement tutorials provide valuable insight into your own unique posture and movement. You'll learn how daily life impacts your posture and how to counteract these changes during your workout. You'll cover advanced posture cues designed to eradicate overuse injuries and improve your training technique.

Far more than a meal plan

The research is clear, exercise alone doesn't work. You must change your eating habits if you want to improve your body.

Your nutrition coaching is brought to you by your dedicated nutritionist. Your nutritionist will oversee your experience and provide actionable feedback when you need it most.
Your Thame Fitness meal plan contains tasty, easy-to-make recipes gauranteed to improve the way you look and feel. We take care of everything, from super speedy breakfast recipes to sumptuous snacks that'll keep you feeling energised all day. We take the stress out of food preparation so you can focus on the things you enjoy.
Telling you what to eat isn't enough, you need to understand the "Why". That's why we created the Thame Fitness Nutrition Syllabus, a collection of easy-to-digest nutrition lessons that encourage mindful eating. You'll receive new lessons every month containing action-based strategies designed to improve your eating habits, long term.

  • "I've never felt so strong and so empowered to take control of my health. Love it!"

    Sophie Sussex - Oxfordshire

  • "Just go for it! The support and motivation is unparalleled. These guys are lightyears ahead of other online personal training companies.

    Lucy Whitehall - Buckinghamshire

  • "I lost 14lbs in a month and dropped 3 dress sizes. My confidence is currently sky high!

    Lena Helmy - Knightsbridge

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