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What is the 90 day shape up plan?

The 90 day shape up plan is a 90 day online personal training plan for men and women who want to lose weight and tone up - without the hassle of joining the gym.

The 90 Day Shape Up is unlike any other online personal training service. You'll have your very own expert personal trainer designing you personalised video workouts you can use at home and providing in-depth nutritional and lifestyle support. On top of this, every aspect of your Online Personal Training experience is managed via our handy mobile App.

What you get

An Expert Personal Trainer

Personalised Video Exercise Programmes

Complete Nutrition Support

Home Exercise Equipment Pack

Online Training Platform and Mobile App

Support and Accountability

Why choose online personal training?

Online personal training let's you escape the busy gym setting to exercise in the comfort of your own home

An Expert Personal Trainer

Your trainer will be designing your exercise programmes, optimising your food intake and advising on all aspects of your fitness.

Save Money

You get a highly-experienced, elite level personal trainer supporting you for a fraction of the costs usually involved.

Never Diet Again

A science-based comprehensive Nutrition Guide will educate and empower you to build a healthier relationship with your food. You'll never need to diet again.

Avoid Busy Gyms and Health Clubs

With your personal trainer in your pocket, you'll never need to set foot in a busy gym or health club again. You'll have everything you need at home.

Members Social Hub

You'll get life time access to our buzzing online members social hub, full of other friendly members who share their stories and tips.

Measured Results You Can See

A Home Measurement Guide will teach you how to measure your body's progress. You'll be able to see your body stats displayed in handy graph format in our mobile training app.

Online Personal trainers

Our passionate and highly experienced personal trainers will be guiding you through every step of your online fitness journey

Max Smith

Head Personal Trainer

Max is a Master Personal Trainer, Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach. Max is the Head Personal Trainer at Thame Fitness and one of our Online Personal Trainers.

Julia Rice

Online Personal Trainer

Julia is a Master Personal Trainer and Dietician.

Amanda Lewis

Online Personal Trainer

Amanda is a Master Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach and professional Yogi.

How it works

Sign up

Upon sign-up you’ll receive a welcome email inviting you to login to our online training hub. You’ll then fill out a quick questionnaire, your trainer will use your answers to build your training programme.

Tailored to you

We create the perfect plan for you. Every exercise, movement and repetition in your exercise programme will be tailored to your body and goals. We bring a new depth to online personal training.

Receive Your First Plan

You’ll receive your first exercise plan containing personalised video workouts for you to perform at home throughout your first month.


Each month you’ll upload your new body stats to your online training profile for your trainer to see. You’ll be able to see your bodies improvements in handy graph format.

Receive Your New Plan

You are now entering month 2 of your online personal training subscription. Each month you’ll receive brand new personalised video workouts. You’ll continue to hear from your trainer regularly and you can reach out to them any time you need support.

Nutrition Coaching

Throughout your time with us you’ll regularly track your nutritional intake via a dedicated app. Your trainer will then provide personalised feedback you can apply to your diet straight away.

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Online personal training let's you escape the busy gym setting to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

At Thame Fitness we pride ourselves on our versatile yet highly-structured coaching system. Your Online Personal Training will fit around your lifestyle, however hectic it may be.

You'll need to be able to give approx. 3 hours per week to your home exercise sessions. We take care of the rest for you. You can perform your exercise sessions wherever and whenever suits you.

This is unlike any other Online Personal Training service. We utilise the latest in fitness technology and couple this with highly experience Personal Trainers to provide you with the tools and support you need to reach your fitness goals.

You'll be assigned your very own Personal Trainer the moment you join us. Your Trainer is now with you every step of the way, you'll hear from them regularly and you'll be able to reach out to them every second of the day.

At the start of Month 1 you'll receive your cutting-edge Home Exercise Equipment Pack. This contains a number of fitness tools to use during each exercise programme your Trainer creates for you. You'll also be given your login to our online training platform. You'll be able to login and view your progress, watch your video workouts and loads more. Finally you'll be sent your Home Progress Measurement Guide. This contains the tools you'll need to assess your fitness and report the necessary data to your Trainer.

Each month you'll be sent new exercise programmes, detailed progress reports, nutritional feedback reports and lots more to keep you focused and excited about your training.

Along the way you'll regularly measure your progress by uploading specific measurements such as weight, body girth measurements and more to your online profile.

Online Personal Training is a monthly subscription service. You sign up for 3 months initially and you are free to cancel your subscription any time after these first 3 months.
It is with Thame Fitness. We marry the latest in fitness technology with personable and supportive Personal trainers to ensure your experience is highly effective.

High-resolution video workouts ensure you know exactly how to perform your exercise programmes and our online fitness platform means every aspect of your online training experience is professional and tightly managed.

Access to our private coaching support group means you'll be part of a buzzing community of like minded people who support and encourage one another.

We leave no room for error and address every variable necessary to ensure you achieve sustainable results.

Our online personal training service is for anyone who wants to get fit but would like to do it on their terms. Online training allows you to exercise whenever and wherever you like.

We work with men and women of all ages and from many different backgrounds. Currently we support clients ranging in age from 18 to our most experienced of 108.

No matter what your current physical capabilities, we have the tools and coaching skills to help you progress quickly and safely.

Most definitely! This is not your typical online personal training service. We have a passionate and highly experienced team of real, world class Personal trainers sitting in the background. They'll be supporting you every step of the way. Your Trainer will reach out to you regularly but you are free to contact them any time you need them.

Pricing structure

Your online personal training service begins with a 3 month subscription paid via direct debit. After 3 months your subscription becomes a monthly rolling contract. You are free to cancel your subscription any time after your third monthly payment. No questions asked.

Get in touch

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