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Millions of people spend time on workout programmes they'll never stick to, diets that are impossible to keep up and fitness gimmicks that never really work. Thame Fitness is here so you don't have to figure it all out by yourself.

At Thame Fitness we are not content with providing a quick-fix solution, rather a made-to-measure personal training programme that elicits long-term, sustainable results. It's not called "personal" training simply because it's one-on-one. It's supposed to be personalised as well and personalised training is much more than creative exercise selection and programme design.

Our focus at Thame Fitness is on designing personal training sessions tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. We create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals.

Our Personal Trainers

Our trainers are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA)

Max Smith, ASCC

Personal Trainer

Max is a Master Personal Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Precision Nutrition Coach.

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Cosette Jackson

Personal Trainer

Cosette is a highly talented personal trainer with the coaching skills to deliver impressive results.

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Personal Training Coaching Model

Our four step personal training coaching model provides a guide for safe and continued progression.

Our quick yet comprehensive initial assessment determines your unique starting point. We'll assess your health and readiness for exercise with a simple medical questionnaire. We'll follow this up with a speedy movement screen to quickly determine your physical capabilities.

With a clear understanding of your goals, strengths and areas for development, we begin your personal training experience. Our aim is to bring a new level of depth to personal training. Every movement, exercise and repetition you perform is designed with you in mind, enhancing your exercise experience and your results.

You'll receive in-depth nutritional support as well as personalised video workouts you can use at home, alongside your personal training sessions.

State-of-the-art progress tracking tools continually measure your bodies improvements. You'll learn how to accurately assess your progress at home, you'll then upload your results to our online progress tracker. Those results will be clearly displayed in graph format.

Our outcome-based coaching model ensures we know exactly how you’re responding to exercise and tells us when it's time to regress or progress the training stimulus. This approach ensures your safety and guarantees high quality results.

What You Get

Our holistic personal training service includes everything you need to succeed

Intelligent Sessions

Every exercise, repetition and movement you perform is designed with you in mind

Expert Guidance

You'll have an expert personal trainer guiding you through every step of your fitness journey

Nutrition Coaching

A comprehensive digital nutrition guide plus regular success coaching via our online nutrition coaching system

Home Workouts

You'll receive personalised video workouts you can use alongside your personal training sessions

Measured Results

You'll see tangible and measurable results you can track at home

Seamless Experience

You'll have access to our online training system, managed through a handy mobile app

Personal Training

Upon purchasing your training package you will be guided through our online signup process. This process explains everything you need to know about your personal training experience

  • "Max's knowledge of exercise and anatomy equals that of my physician colleagues"

    Dr A Boorman MBChB, Royal Blackburn Hospital, Gmc Number 7420959

  • "Max takes the time to listen and truly understand how your body works - I lost 13lbs in 4 weeks!"

    Caterina Nitch-Smith, PA To Senior Vice President at EMI - GOOGLE REVIEW

  • "From ultra-marathons preparation to general fitness. To me, Max is by far the most efficient way to exercise."

    Filippo Bianco, Head of Sales Trading at Ubs Investment Bank, Canary Wharf - Google Review


Thame Fitness provides an intelligent, sustainable and highly effective personal training service in Thame, South Oxfordshire.

Absolutely! We provide a 45 minute trial personal training session at out exclusive fitness studio, for a reduced fee.

Book My Trial Session

Your trial session will give you an opportunity to meet your personal trainer and experience a personal training session. Your session will be tailored to your current ability and designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

We create a totally unique exercise experience based on your specific needs and goals. Our personal trainers design every exercise, movement and repetition with you in mind.

Personal training sessions are delivered in a safe, methodical and efficient manor. We utilise the full spectrum of training tools, drawing on a number of disciplines including pilates, yoga and resistance training. Please visit our Personal Training page for more information.

At Thame Fitness we take a holistic approach to personal training. For many of our clients our personal training service is about more than the personal training sessions they participate in. It's about our comprehesive approach to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management.

Upon purchasing one of our personal training packages you'll receive access to our personal training hub app. This is where you'll receive your nutritional coaching, view your personal training results in graph format, receive your video exercise plans and lots more.

You'll also receive a comprehensive Personal Training Nutrition Guide, worth £99, upon joining us.

Your Personal trainer is with you every step of the way, advising you on all aspects of your fitness experience.

Yes! At Thame Fitness our youngest client is aged 12 with our most experienced being 107. Whatever your age and ability, whatever your circumstances, we have the knowledge and coaching skills to improve your fitness.

Personal training is safe for those with existing aches and pains. We understand the effect various lifestyles and sports can have on your body and we'll work with you to minimize their impact during your training.

We assess your health and readiness for exercise with our quick yet comprehensive Health Screen at the start of your Trial Personal Training Session.

Many of our clients come to us with niggling aches and pains, the good news is they usually disappear as you begin training. Improvements we make to your posture and movement capacity will ensure they never return.

Most definitely! We recognize the unique differences in the anatomy & physiology, wants and needs of our male and female clients. We therefore adjust our training approaches accordingly.

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