Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Training

Prenatal and postnatal fitness Thame. Our dedicated antenatal personal training service is designed to prepare you for labour as well as preparing you for specific movements you'll need to perform as a new mum. Our pre and postnatal fitness service extends well beyond your pregnancy to ensure you're fully prepared for an active motherhood.

At Thame Fitness our dedicated antenatal personal trainers understand the unique impact pregnancy has on your body and the important procedures that must be followed to ensure your safety when exercising. Your trainer will work with you to enhance your posture and strengthen your body in order to reduce your discomfort.

Our experienced antenatal personal trainers are nationally recognised pre and post natal specialists, members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Why Choose Antenatal Personal Training?

We're specialists in prenatal fitness and provide the missing link in preparing you for all aspects of your pregnancy


Our women's health specialists ensure you move in the safest way possible, to maximise your results and ensure a comfortable training experience.

Holistic Approach

We equip you for every stage of pregnancy, from labour to post-birth recovery and well beyond.

Weight Management

We prevent excessive prenatal weight gain to reduce the likelihood of postnatal diabetes and other weight-related disorders.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Your antenatal training experience will strengthen your posture and enhance your movement, reducing joint and muscle pain.


Reduce stress and anxiety as you enhance your body and prepare yourself for the excitement that lies ahead.

Energy Levels

Antenatal personal training will increase your energy levels and ensure your body is able to cope with the stresses of pregnancy. You'll experience better quality sleep and notice everyday tasks become more manageable.

Your Prenatal Personal Trainer

Your prenatal and postnatal specialist will prepare you for labour and ensure you recover quickly post-birth.

Cosette Jackson

Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Trainer

Cosette is a women's health specialist with the knowledge to prepare you for all aspects of your pregnancy.

We ensure you're physically and mentally prepared for all aspects of your pregnancy.

Your prenatal and postnatal personal training service ensures you're equipped to manage the unique challenges you'll face after giving birth.

  • "I turned to Thame Fitness for my postnatal fitness to help me lose some baby weight after giving birth. I'm now 18lbs down and my back pain has gone too!"

    Rhianna Clarke - Oxfordshire

  • "I knew I needed to invest in my health if I was going to recover quickly after giving birth. This was the smartest thing I ever did."

    Sophia Westbrook - Buckinghamshire

  • "After my antenatal personal training I feel well prepared for labour and have been taught how to move safely when the little one arrives."

    Jo Sussex - Oxfordshire

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