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Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions in Thame. Whether you are looking to enhance your flexibility through intelligent exercise, or you're looking to reduce stress and relieve anxiety, our expert yoga teacher will provide a unique yoga experience that's right for you. Your private yoga sessions are suitable for up to three participants.

Your private yoga sessions ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to engage with your yoga practice. You'll benefit from a luxurious, private studio and an in-depth yoga coaching experience you won't find anywhere else. Participate in your sessions alone or enjoy your practice with a friend or loved one.

Your talented yoga teacher will welcome you into the studio upon your arrival and guide you to your mat, ready for a bespoke yoga experience like no other. Our highly regarded yoga teachers are members of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMPSA).

Comfort and Privacy

Our private yoga sessions are built for everybody, no matter what your age or experience


Our private yoga sessions allows you to escape crowded classes to experience yoga in comfort.

1-3 Participants

Your private yoga sessions are suitable for up to 3 people.

Personalised Approach

Your yoga teacher will create a totally unique yoga experience based on your specific goals and needs.

Your Expert Teacher

Your yoga teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every private yoga session

Erin Goddard-Ellison

Yoga Teacher

You'll be looked after throughout every aspect of your private yoga session

A meticulously designed private yoga experience for one or two people.

Experience yoga in comfort and privacy

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Private Yoga Packages

Meticulously designed private yoga sessions for one or two people

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