The 8 Rules of Good Nutrition

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Follow these 8 nutrition rules and you will be well on your way to a healthier, better looking body.

1. Eat every 2-3 hours.
You don’t need to eat a full meal every 2-3 hours but you do need to eat 6-8 meals and snacks, that conform to the rules below.

2. Avoid high-calorie drinks.
All of your drinks should come from non-calorie containing beverages. Fruit juice, alcoholic drinks and fizzy drinks should all be avoided. Your best choices are water and green tea.

3. Eat quality, lean protein every time you eat.
You can burn fat simply by eating protein. If you’re a vegetarian you need to find non-animal sources.
See our recent article 4 Ways Protein Powers Fat Loss for more info on the benefits of protein.

4. Eat vegetables every time you eat.
Vegetables are full of fibre which helps regulate the level of sugar in your body. The rewards for eating veg include everything from better skin to improved muscle tone and reduced fat levels.

5. Earn your carbs.
You can eat some carbs such as fruit and veggies whenever you want, but if want to eat a carbohydrate that’s not a fruit or a vegetable (this includes simple sugars, potatoes, bread, etc), save it untill after you’ve exercised.

6. Love those healthy fats.
Eating all three kinds of fat in a healthy balance can seriously improve your health, and even help you lose fat. Make sure your diet contains plenty of the following: butter or coconut oil for cooking, olives and olive oil, mixed nuts, flaxseed oil, fish and fish oil.

7. Enjoy 10% foods.
100% nutritional discipline is not necessary to continually improve your body. You can break the rules 10% of the time and still lose fat. When you do break the rules, make sure you enjoy yourself!

8. Develop food preparation strategies.
The hardest part about eating well is making sure you can follow the rules above. This is where preparation comes in. You might know what to eat, but if it isn’t available, you’ll blow it when it’s time to eat. One food preparation strategy we love at Kensington Fitness is the Sunday Ritual. Pre-chop 1 weeks supply of vegetables and prepare 2-3 days worth of meat on a Sunday evening. Refrigerate the goodies you have prepared in tupperware containers so they are ready to go when you’re short on time and need to whip up a quick meal.

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