Katie is a knowledgeable personal trainer with an in-depth understanding of weight loss and all things fitness. With years of experience in the fitness space, Katie has a vast array of skills designed to improve all aspects of your wellbeing. Katie will help you develop your fitness as you learn to reconnect with your body in a positive and supportive environment. Katie is a nationally recognised member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMPSA) and the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

Katie understands the importance of a balanced and holistic approach to fitness, she delivers a personal training experience that draws on a number of disciplines including nutrition, physical training and lifestyle management. Katie has a particular interest in the bodies nutritional requirements and she has embarked on an educational journey that will ensure she’s always at the forefront of nutrition science. Katie’s in-depth understanding of conditions such as fibromyalgia mean she’s well placed to support a diverse array of clients with unique needs. Katie is an understanding fitness professional with a talent for bringing out the best in you. You’ll feel supported and cared for throughout every step of your journey together.

Katie Hasler

Katie is a weight loss specialist and regularly achieves results that go well beyond industry expectations.

Katie combines her extensive knowledge with her practical and down to earth approach.

Whether you're looking to burn fat or improve your athleticism, Katie's considered approach ensures you reach your goals in the safest and fastest way possible.